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Does not play well with others

Do you ever feel like you've mustered up enough energy to take your child to the park so you just don't want to play with someone else's child? I took Vienne to the park today and we were having such a nice time. Vienne loves to play with other kids but for some reason she had no interest in the boy that decided to attach himself to us. My conversation with him went something like this:

Boy: "I'm five."
Me: "Congratulations."
Boy: "I have pink eye so I had to stay home today."
Me: "Pink eye. Isn't that contagious?"
Boy: "Ummm. I have pink eye."
Me: "Thanks for warning me. Vienne, here's some magic soap."
Boy: "I have a dog."
Me: "Does he have pink eye?"
Boy: "Huh? Can you push me [on the swing]?"
Me: "Who brought you to the park today?"
Boy: "My mommy."
Me: "Where is she? She may push you a little better that I can."
Boy: "Uh, she's over there."
Me: "Is that her reading?"
Boy: "Yea."
Vienne: "I'm ready to go."


Fiesta San Antonio

We didn't think we'd make Fiesta this year because of our Mexico trip (see below). All of the great child oriented events had passed. But we decided to head downtown for the last day of events today. We were able to catch some music, crack a few cascarones, and eat lunch at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants. After lunch we headed to the San Antonio Children's Museum.

This will also be my Best Shot Monday. Check out what everyone else has contributed today.

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Viva Mexico! Playa del Carmen

A great thing about living in Texas is that you can fly to Mexico and be on the beach by noon. Hence our glorious trip to Playa del Carmen. The weather was fantastic, the beach was beautiful, and the resort spoiled us with three full meals a day. We (meaning "I") had dessert with every meal. The Hip Chicks had tons-a-fun and had definitely earned their fins by the last day.
Natalya said that one of her favorite things about the trip was getting to run in the sand.

Vienne said that one of her favorite things about the trip was "eating Goldfish [crackers]".

To see the full set of photos from our trip, click here.

Some observations of life in our Mexican resort:
1. She (or he) with the darkest tan wins.
2. Sunbathing topless seemed to be more popular with women above the age of 60.
3. That the adult pool with the swim up bar probably had more pee in it than the kiddie pool.
4. That a liquor dispenser is more desirable in a hotel room than a coffee maker.
5. Saving your pool chairs in the morning was much like the Oklahoma Land Rush.
6. So nice you won't want to come back home.




It was about a year ago today that this photo was taken. But I still love it.



Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It's Sunday and it's going to be a beautiful 75 degrees. The Hip Chicks have been begging to go to Fiesta Texas for weeks. We entered the park and were greeted by none other than... "Who is Speedy Gonzales?" and "What's his name again?" The girls had a blast and and it was such a wonderful slow walkin' kinda day.
The girls have yet to meet the height requirement (thank goodness) for most of the "thrill" rides. They were happy with what they were able to visit- a merry go round, the train that circles the park, bumper cars, and the Dots ice cream stand. Natalya did have her sights on bigger. The above picture is not a ferris wheel. It starts horizontal and gains speed in order to become vertical. Our 6 year old loved it!! Apparently, Daddy is getting too old and didn't count on the queasy stomach afterward. Mommy's heart just about exploded when I saw how fast it was going. It was Natalya's first "real" big ride. I don't think it will be her last. My heart is beating faster even as I think about it.