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Happy New Year, Resolutions, and Girl Scout Cookies!

Happy 2013!  The 8 yo came home from school yesterday saying that her New Year's resolution is to eat healthier and asked me what my resolution would be.  I thought about it for a short while and said, "OK, mine will be to eat healthier, too."  In actuallity, I knew that I haven't made a resolution in a long time and probably wouldn't stick with this one.  But, it seems like the right thing to do.  So, to make it official, my resolution will be to eat heathier.  AND, to revitalize the blog.  Oops.  Not sure which one will go first.  :)  But I will whole heartedly attempt both.  

To go along with the New Year's resolution thing, we as a family have decided to start weekly family challenges.  Not sure yet what we'll call it but it'll go something like this:  A week of no tv.  A week of no sugar.  A week of no computer.  And so it's not all negative there will also be:  A week of Spanish.  A week of poetry.  A week of jumping jacks.  I'll post what challenge we are doing and maybe you can join us.  I think it'll be lots of fun.  We'll aim to start the week of Jan. 20.  

And, guess what?  It's Girl Scout cookie time again!  I know!  Why do they have the girls sell the cookies right after the holidays when everyone says, "Oooh, I actually don't need the sweets right now.  I'm trying to lose weight."  Anyway, I will still buy a box and won't regret it.  As we were walking around the other day, we came up on houses where no one was home and thought we should've had a note to leave letting the home owner know that we had been there.  Voile!  I created a Girl Scout cookie door hanger and you can have it too.  

Girl Scout Cookie Door Hanger Freebie


Click the image to take you to the free download.  PLEASE leave me a comment to let me know you've got, like it, hate it.  It prints 8.5x11.  Print it on card stock for durabitily, cut out the hole at the top, add your number, name, and troop number.  All of the clips, fonts, images that I used were free to download.  Let me know also if there is trouble with the download because I'm new to Dropbox.  Please don't sell it but Pin It, blog it, whatever.  

Have a great day!


Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 


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